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Suisto Engineering Oy is a high technology engineering company.

“We support You to find methods to save your existing single product cost or to improve its production flow.”

We at Suisto, can offer a new fresh view to find things what might have been in shadows when looking own work results from short distance. You can have us as a reliable partner, who lives by your side from engineering prosess to final production and further… always when you will need some back-up.

Together we can increase your business opportunities to next level by improving competitiveness and profitability.


Wellquip Holding Oy

”We made a test rig with co-operational project (engineering and fabrication) with turn-key-style. Even the schedule was very tight, the good results could be archieved as expected. We will continue co-operation also in the future.”

Pekka Kaunisto,
Managing Director

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Suisto Engineering Oy korkean teknologian projektitalo