Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

improves the cost effectiveness and profitability

Manufacturing and Assembly Design Professional as Your Partner

Suisto Engineering solves challenges related to manufacturability and improves the cost effectiveness and profitability of the customer’s operations in a comprehensive manner and with due consideration to long‑term effects. We are a reliable partner in design for manufacturing and assembly. According to our customer’s needs, we perform cooperation throughout the customer’s value chain – with design, product development and production experts. When necessary, we help the customers to create a reliable and competent cooperation network.

Objective: Improving Competitiveness

Cost effectiveness can be improved when designing manufacturing and assembly and by developing manufacturability. The base for development is always customer’s business needs and objectives. Cost savings can be generated, for example, by optimising material consumption, speeding up processes, improving effectiveness with new applications, or by introducing improved products. Competitive ability can also be improved by optimising quality and related expediency. Solid material‑related expertise forms one of the cornerstones of our operations, particularly within the scope of mechanical engineering. Suisto Engineering’s competence also covers ability to understand the long‑term effects of design and throughout the product life cycle.

Solid Understanding of Manufacturing Techniques

Development of manufacturability can improve the safety of the final product, through knowledge of transforming ancillary methods and by understanding of the requirements of machining – and applying them in a non-traditional way. For this reason the design for manufacturing and assembly is fundamentally linked to quality and development services for welding and machining.

Turnkey Solutions

Through customer‑specific, competent service, we provide demanding special product turnkey solutions as well as prototype and pilot product turnkey solutions from concept stage to delivery.

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All of our services are of high quality and documented in accordance with the applicable requirements and standards. If necessary, we also serve our customers as an external expert responsible for demanding documentation.

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