Development Services

to improve competitive ability and profitability

Development Generates Competitiveness

Suisto Engineering’s development services are always intended to improve customer’s competitive ability and profitability. Depending on the customer’s individual needs, we find a solution by developing an existing product or process or by creating a completely new device, application or method, which offers opportunities for new business. Our goal is to find the most effective and functional long‑term overall solution to meet our customer’s needs.

Specialised Competence in Manufacturability and Production Methods

Suisto Engineering offers special competence in providing expert services for the development of manufacturability and production methods.

We solve manufacturability challenges and improve the overall cost effectiveness and safety of your operations with due consideration to long‑term effects. We support our customer’s product development expert in facing manufacturability challenges or serve as customer’s expert to provide a customised, optimal turnkey solution.

Development Allows Profitable Local Production

Suisto Engineering renders local production profitable through an open‑minded approach. By challenging and improving existing design, manufacturability development and production processes, we can find new ways to improve processes and thus allow production near the company’s domicile. Local production facilitates production supervision and improves, for example, the organisation of logistics. As necessary, we help our customers to create a reliable and competent cooperation network that meets their needs.

Turnkey Solutions

Through customer‑specific, competent service, we provide demanding special product turnkey solutions as well as prototype and pilot product turnkey solutions from concept stage to delivery.

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Project Services

As a reliable expert, we ensure the implementation of your project in a planned and documented manner, even when you require an expert to arrive on location quickly to solve a problem situation.

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