Mining and Mineral

experience based expertise guarantees durability deep underground

Sustainable Competitiveness in Underground Conditions

The conditions of a mining environment impose challenges on equipment, methods and processes. Work underground requires reliable, durable mining equipment. Suisto Engineering’s experience‑based expertise guarantees durability even in extreme conditions deep underground.

In the mining industry, competitive ability is based on effectiveness and durability. Mining industry operators have unique needs and the designed and produces equipment is often pioneering. Suisto Engineering serves its customer based on their individual needs, offering solid industry‑specific experience and innovative approaches even in demanding mining conditions.


Turnkey Solutions

Through customer‑specific, competent service, we provide demanding special product turnkey solutions as well as prototype and pilot product turnkey solutions from concept stage to delivery.

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Development Services

Our development services always aim at improving the customer’s competitive ability by developing manufacturability and production method through various design and quality services – according to the customer’s needs.

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