comprehensive understanding of the
field ensures high quality results

Extensive Expertise in Demanding Energy Projects

Suisto Engineering’s extensive expertise in the energy industry covers demanding application and service solutions related to renewable forms of energy, fusion energy and nuclear energy.

Our knowledge of renewable energy is based on experience of demanding wind, wave and tidal energy applications and solutions. We have earned our laurels as professionals in the field of renewable energy and sustainable development by performing demanding development work. Our expertise covers critical choices of material and an understanding of the opportunities and realities of manufacturability as well as the requirements imposed by the environment. A comprehensive understanding of a demanding field ensures high quality results.

Fusion and Fission Energy as a Field of Expertise

Suisto Engineering is involved in the ITER project in the field of fusion energy. ITER is one of the most challenging science projects in the world and intended to show that the production of fusion energy is possible. Suisto Engineering is responsible for manufacturing, testing and delivering a component of the reactor and is also in charge of related documentation. In addition to the unprecedented end product, the project documentation involves unique requirements, as it must comply with the world’s strictest quality standards and quality management procedures.

Our experience and expertise in the field of nuclear energy includes expert duties in the supervision of the manufacturability and production of prototypes for equipment related to the disposal of used nuclear fuel.



All of our services are of high quality and documented in accordance with the applicable requirements and standards. If necessary, we also serve our customers as an external expert responsible for demanding documentation.

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Turnkey Solutions

Through customer‑specific, competent service, we provide demanding special product turnkey solutions as well as prototype and pilot product turnkey solutions from concept stage to delivery.

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