Business Areas

demanding expert solutions to the different fields

Experience Delivers Durability in Extreme Conditions

Suisto Engineering’s expertise comprises diverse experience in many business areas in heavy and semi heavy industry. We deliver demanding expert solutions to the different fields of industries, such as but not restricted to the mining and mineral, offshore and marine and energy industries.

Our extensive expertise in the energy industry covers demanding solutions in renewable, fusion and nuclear energy. A comprehensive understanding of the industry and the operating environment is critical in designing and producing applications for demanding marine conditions, whether that environment is an ocean liner or an oil‑drilling rig. The conditions in a mining environment also impose challenges on equipment and processes. Suisto Engineering’s experience‑based expertise guarantees durability even in extreme conditions.


Development Services

Our development services always aim at improving the customer’s competitive ability by developing manufacturability and production method through various design and quality services – according to the customer’s needs.

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Project Services

As a reliable expert, we ensure the implementation of your project in a planned and documented manner, even when you require an expert to arrive on location quickly to solve a problem situation.

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