Suisto Engineering

improves customers’ competitiveness through a novel approach

Boosting Competitiveness by Challenging the Impossible

Suisto Engineering is an active partner in developing its customers’ business operations and in creating new business for them, as well as an indispensable element of the customer’s value chain. Suisto Engineering improves its customers’ competitive ability through a process based on a novel approach – in a comprehensive, ecologically sustainable manner and with due consideration to long‑term effects. We find the optimal solution to our customer’s challenge, observing the requirements of an individual operating environment.

Pioneering products and existing solutions offer equal opportunities for developing new solutions and improving competitive edge and profitability. To us, the impossible is just a challenge.


Solid Multisectoral Expertise

Our solid expertise is based on experience in providing demanding industrial solutions in many different business areas. We deliver demanding expert solutions to the different operating areas, such as mining and mineral, offshore and marine and energy industries.

An International
Growth Company

Suisto Engineering is a vigorously growing Finnish company. Our experts are top professionals in their field, with wide international experience. Suisto Engineering provides flexible, high quality services – anywhere in the world.

Our expertise in different business areas supports the design and development of new, even unforeseen, equipment and methods. A solution designed for another field of operations may inspire a modern solution for the customer’ field.

Our operations are based on open, high‑quality communications – mutual understanding of the assignment ensures the delivery of a genuinely customer‑centred solution. Suisto Engineering unfailingly offers solid, reliable competence.


Cost‑Effective Local Production

Suisto Engineering makes local production near the customer company’s domicile profitable by challenging traditional designs and developing manufacturability and production methods. Through open‑minded solutions manufacturing can be carried out in a cost‑effective and profitable manner, locally. Local production facilitates production supervision and improves, for example, the organisation of logistics.

Suisto Engineering provides cooperation for throughout the customer’s value chain. When needed, we work besides customer’s in-house R & D team or support their external experts – or we will take the full responsibility of development any kind, all the way to the turnkey solutions.

As necessary, we also help our customers to create a reliable and competent cooperation network that meets their individual needs. Suisto Engineering unfailingly offers solid, reliable, ISO Quality Management System certified competence.

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 3834-2:2005

Suisto Engineering Ltd

Established in 2014, Suisto Engineering utilises the competence of its innovative, experienced staff to produce demanding solutions that meet the needs of heavy and semi‑heavy industry.