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Once you have challenges in manufacturing we can solve it for you. With the wide range of practical experience and knowledge, we can find the best possible solutions.

Let’s make your business more profitable and more effective.

Together we can succeed

We can see the forest behind the trees. Thanks to our long working experience inside the heavy and semi-heavy industries, we recognise the challenges and needs for high level manufacturing. High level technology company Suisto Engineering Ltd. was founded 2014 to find out solutions  for energy-, offshore-, marine- and mining industries manufacturing challenges.

With our wide range of experience from several business areas, we can assist your company when needed. Together we can improve existing products or processes or create totally new approaches to your business areas. We can provide you a neutral “third party” expertice combined with high level manufacturing experience.

We are the partner who can support your business from the concept phase to installation. Together we can increase your company competitiveness and profitability.

This is how we do:

Clarify the
overall picture

  • current status
  • future targets
  • need of change
  • potential


We build
a roadmap

  • the big picture
  • alternatives
  • costs
  • quality requirements


of the plan

  • solutions and indicators
  • implementation
  • results and follow up
  • further research



Wellquip Holding Oy

”Toteutimme yhteistyössä avaimetkäteen -tyyppisen räätälöidyn putkiston testausympäristö-kokonaisuuden suunnittelu- ja valmistusprojektina. Vaikka aikataulu oli hyvin nopea, niin lopputulos oli erinomainen. Tulemme jatkamaan yhteistyötä tulevaisuudessa.”

Pekka Kaunisto, Managing Director


ABB Oy Marine and Ports

“I arrived in South Korea on a 24‑hour notice to supervise the customer’s delivery. Thanks to the rapid reaction and competent delivery supervision, the customer’s delivery costs considerably undercut the estimates.”

Jussi Törmälä
Project Manager

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